Course Content


The module runs over 3 days, with total 18 hours of instruction. There is a 15-minute’s session taking place in the last day for feedback, evaluation, and discussion.
Please refer to the scientific program here for the detailed program description


1.    Large Group Lectures (9 hours):

  • Introduction to EBCP, and Types of Studies (1 hour)
  • Diagnostic, Prognostic, Treatment Effect Evidence  (1 hour)
  • Measures of Treatment Effect (1 hour)
  • How to Apply EBCP into Clinical Practice (1 hour)
  • How to Avoid Being Misled by the Medical Literature (1 hour)
  • Clinical Prediction Guides (1 hour)
  • Clinical Decision Making: How to Read an Evidence Profile (1 hour)
  • Approach to Diagnostic Tests and Their Critical Appraisal (1 hour)
  • Clinical Decision Making: How to Communicate to Patients Risks and Benefits (1 hour)


2.    Small Group Tutorials (9 hours):

  • The contents of these tutorials are usually formulated by the group and organized through the daily meetings of the facilitators.
  • Applications and exercises of the large group lectures will be discussed in these small groups. Therefore, the content of the small group tutorials will include, but not limited to types of studies, the PICOT question, RCTs, SR and MA, CPG, and Studies of diagnostic tests.

Critical appraisal skills will also be focused on and spread over the 3 days as 3 hours per day, divided into 2 sessions, 1.5 hour each .


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